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@joeygrover joeygrover released this Jun 21, 2018 · 1177 commits to master since this release

4.6.0 Release Notes


Protocol 5.0.0
RPC 4.5.0

API New Features & Breaking Changes

  • RPCRequestFactory has been deprecated. Please use the desired RPC's constructor instead.
  • The Android Annotations Library has been added to the project to better help and inform developers about the SDK.


  • The router service foreground lifecycle is improved. The notification should no longer be seen when connecting to non-SDL devices.
  • The SDL notification now links to a webpage to explain what the notification is and how to hide it.
  • The required intent-filter entries for the SdlBroadcastReceiver has been reduced. It is now only listening for the SDL custom intent, ACL connect, and USB connection if using AOA.
  • RPC classes now contain constructors with the required parameters for that RPC.
  • Moved project to newer version of Gradle. Updated configurations including from compile to api and implementation.
  • SdlProxyBuilder was cleaned up to remove redundant variables between the SdlProxyBuilder.Builder object and the SdlProxyBuilder class.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed touch issues with the video streaming feature. A new module was added to handle touch events much more aligned with Android native views.
  • Fixed JavaDoc issue in UnregisterAppInterface.
  • Fixed JavaDoc issue in AddCommand.
  • Added tags to the string resource xml file to ignore translation
  • Temporary fix to the TCP transport to catch NetworkOnTheMainThread exceptions when the connection is closing.
  • Fix issue where the SdlBroadcastReceiver was attempting to send implicit intents to ping the SdlRouterService. They are now explicit.
  • Fix a potential NPE in the SdlBroadcastReceiver while an app is only using USB and does not include an instance of an SdlRouterService.
  • Removed reflection usage in bluetooth transports when operating on systems that are newer than Android Oreo in anticipation of Android P.
  • Fix an issue where the SdlBroadcastReceiver would throw a false positive regarding whether or not an app had included the correct intent-filter in their SdlRouterService manifest declaration.
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