Smartdict Core


smartdict-core Build Status

By Sergey Potapov

Core of Smartdict dictionary.


gem install smartdict


To get help just type:

smartdict --help

To get a help on specific command:

smartdict help <COMMAND>

Translate words:

To translate word hallo from German to Russian:

smartdict translate --from de --to ru hallo

List translated words:

If you want to take a look at words you've translated use list command. You can specify date range and languages to filter words and you can specify format for output.

To get more information see help:

smartdict translate --help


To see words translated today:

smartdict list

To save words translated since 13th of January 2012 from English to Russian in FictionBook format to words.fb2 file.

smartdict --since 2012-01-13 --from en --to ru --format fb2 > ./words.fb2

How to configure?

See file $HOME/.smartdict/configuration.yml.

NOTE: currently not all options listed there have an effect.

Contributing to smartdict

  • Make sure all tests pass.
  • Send me a patch.


Copyright (c) 2012 Potapov Sergey. The software is distributed under GNU GeneralPublic License version 2. See GPL-LICENSE.txt file for more details.