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#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# @Author: smartdone
# @Date: 2019-07-01 11:00
import idaapi
import idautils
import idc
from Simulator import Simulator
sim = Simulator()
for func in idautils.Functions():
func_name = idc.GetFunctionName(func)
func_data = idaapi.get_func(func)
start = func_data.start_ea
end = func_data.end_ea
# print(func_name, hex(start), hex(end))
if "datadiv_decode" in func_name and not ("j_.datadiv_decode" in func_name):
sim.emu_start(start, end)
for seg in sim.segments:
if "data" in seg['name']:
# 把data段全部undefined
print("MakeUnknown %s" % seg['name'])
idc.MakeUnknown(seg['start'], seg['end'] - seg['start'], idaapi.DELIT_DELNAMES)
# 调用ida重新解析data段
print("analyze area: 0x%x - 0x%x" % (seg['start'], seg['end']))
idaapi.analyze_area(seg['start'], seg['end'])
# idaapi.clear_strlist()
# idaapi.build_strlist()
# 查询string的交叉引用,在引用位置添加备注
s = idautils.Strings(False)
for i, str_info in enumerate(s):
if str_info:
# print("%x: len=%d index=%d-> '%s'" % (str_info.ea, str_info.length, i, str(str_info)))
str_cont = str(str_info)
refs = idautils.DataRefsTo(str_info.ea)
for ref in refs:
idc.MakeComm(ref, str_cont)
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