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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Vanilla ('vanilla') Device implementation.
# A Vanilla device does not need any specialized
# processing. All data is already formatted and calibrated.
# An example is data.
# Author: Just van den Broecke - 2019+
import logging
from device import Device
from vanilladefs import SENSOR_DEFS
log = logging.getLogger('VanillaDevice')
class Vanilla(Device):
def __init__(self, device_type='vanilla'):
Device.__init__(self, device_type)
self.config_dict = None
self.last_values = {}
def init(self, config_dict):
self.config_dict = config_dict
def exit(self):
def can_resolve(self, sensor_name, val_dict):
sensor_def = self.get_sensor_def(sensor_name)
if not sensor_def:
return False
return True
def get_sensor_defs(self):
def get_sensor_meta_id(self, sensor_name, val_dict):
if 'meta_id' in val_dict:
return val_dict['meta_id']
return self.get_sensor_def(sensor_name)['meta_id']
# Get raw sensor value or list of values
def get_raw_value(self, name, val_dict):
if name not in val_dict:
return None, name
val = val_dict[name]
return val, name
# Check for valid sensor value
def check_value(self, name, val_dict, value=None):
if name not in val_dict:
return False, '%s not in val_dict' % name
if name not in SENSOR_DEFS:
return False, '%s not in SENSOR_DEFS' % name
name_def = SENSOR_DEFS[name]
val = val_dict[name]
if 'min' in name_def and val < name_def['min']:
return False, '%s: val(%s) < min(%s)' % (name, str(val), str(name_def['min']))
if 'max' in name_def and val > name_def['max']:
return False, '%s: val(%s) > max(%s)' % (name, str(val), str(name_def['max']))
return True, '%s OK' % name
def get_last_value(self, device_id, name, val_dict):
# Best effort
# TODO check for timestamps (not too long ago)
return self.last_values[str(device_id)][name]
return None
def set_last_value(self, device_id, name, value, val_dict):
# Best effort
device_id = str(device_id)
if device_id not in self.last_values:
self.last_values[device_id] = {}
if name not in self.last_values[device_id]:
self.last_values[device_id][name] = {}
self.last_values[device_id][name]['value'] = value
if 'time' in val_dict:
self.last_values[device_id][name]['time'] = val_dict['time']