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ETL - Calibration analysis

Sources and plots for some of the analysis related to SE and AirSensEUR Calibration.

  • josene - plots for ANN Calibration of Intemo Jose sensors
  • airsenseur - regression plots for calibrated and reference data for AirSensEUR draws various plots from data stored in InfluxDB. Both calibrated and RIVM reference data are stored there. For each gas both R-squared ('R2') and the slope ('m') is depicted. The Python scipi.stats.linregress(x, y) function is used.

Two periods and locations are taken:

  • sept 9 to okt 9 2018 at RIVM Breukelen Snelweg (A2 highway) site where all 5 AirSensEURs were placed
  • dec 25 2018 to january 24 2019 at RIVM Nijmegen Ruyterstraat where ASE_NL_01 was placed

Especially for ASE_NL_01 the calibration can be extra evaluated as this station was present at two RIVM locations. The result is shown in a combined plots for ASE_NL_01. Upper row is in Breukelen, lower in Nijmegen (only Nijmegen has RIVM CO via SOS)

Combined plots for ASE_NL_01

For all ASEs, especially NO2 prediction is quite good: all slopes ('m') near 1 and R2 all above 0.9 (except ASE_NL_02).

Combined plots for ASE_NL_All NO2

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