Smartface Native Framework extension that has useful utility classes to use in your applications
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Utility Extension from Smartface

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An extension that has following utility classes for Smartface Native Framework.

  • RAU (easy use for Remote App Update)
  • Fingerprint & Touch ID (easy & best practice use for Fingerprint)
  • Alert (fixes global alert)
  • SpeechToText (setups timers for speech recognition)
  • Permission (gets permissions with ease using a simple callback)
  • Location (gets location with callback, no need to worry for the permission code)
  • Timers (fixes thread issue of setTimeout & setInterval)
  • Orientation (solves problems of managing different behaviour of Oritentation of iOS & Android)
  • ServiceCall (service call library for common JSON requests)
  • ButtonActivity (setting an activity indicator with correct elevation on top of a button)
  • WebViewBridge (bi directional communication)
  • Touch (addPress event to any target object)
  • Color (converts Smartface color to TinyColor for color manipulations)
  • TextBox (max text length)


Utility extension can be installed via npm easily from our public npm repository. The installation is pretty easy via Smartface Cloud IDE. Run the following code in terminal

(cd ~/workspace/scripts && npm i -S sf-extension-utils)

How to use

1. Fix global methods

In app.js make sure that require("sf-extension-utils") is set. This is fixing alert, setTimeout, setInterval, clearTimeout and clearInterval methods. Some of the other util modules might depend on it!

2. Require util modules

Later in any file, require it with the path: require("sf-extension-utils/lib/<moduleName>") Such as:

  • require("sf-extension-utils/lib/rau")
  • require("sf-extension-utils/lib/permission")
  • require("sf-extension-utils/lib/fingerprint")
  • require("sf-extension-utils/lib/speechtotext")
  • require("sf-extension-utils/lib/location")


For each module api documentation is in separate file. Please visit doc folder

Need Help?

Please submit an issue on GitHub and provide information about your problem.

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This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file. Within the scope of this license, all modifications to the source code, regardless of the fact that it is used commercially or not, shall be committed as a contribution back to this repository.

Update sf-extension-utils

Update to 4.0.0

If you are updating from earlier versions than 4.0.0, you need to change your code:

  1. Make sure that the code in app.js is like require("sf-extension-utils") before calling any other util modules
  2. Change your codes based on the new access format
    • Old: const <moduleName> = require("sf-extension-utils").
    • New: const <moduleName> = require("sf-extension-utils/lib/<moduleName>")
    • Some modules have renamed, based on the file name. They have the same names as in documentation. Please check doc folder for new module names.