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A SmartFile Open Source project. Read more about how SmartFile uses and contributes to Open Source software.


This library includes two API clients. Each one represents one of the supported authentication methods. BasicClient is used for HTTP Basic authentication, using an API key and password. OAuthClient is used for OAuth (version 1) authentication, using tokens, which will require user interaction to complete authentication with the API.

Both clients provide a thin wrapper around an HTTP library, taking care of some of the mundane details for you. The intended use of this library is to refer to the API documentation to discover the API endpoint you wish to call, then use the client library to invoke this call.

SmartFile REST API information is available at the SmartFile developer site.


via source code / GitHub.

$ git clone smartfile

More information is available at GitHub


Choose between Basic and OAuth authentication methods, then continue to use the SmartFile API.

Some of the details this library takes care of are:

  • Encoding and decoding of parameters and return values. You deal with PHP types only.
  • URLs, using the API version, endpoint, and object ID, the URL is created for you.
  • Authentication. Provide your API credentials to this library, it will take care of the details.

Basic Authentication

sample PHP code:

include_once 'Services/SmartFile/BasicClient.php';
$api = new Service_SmartFile_BasicClient('**********', '**********');
echo $api->doRequest('/ping/', 'get');

OAuth Authentication

This section is currently under construction and may not work as expected.

Authentication using OAuth authentication is bit more complicated, as it involves tokens and secrets.

sample PHP code:

include_once 'Services/SmartFile/OAuthClient.php';
$api = new Service_SmartFile_OAuthClient('**********', '**********');
// Be sure to only call each method once for each OAuth login

// If you want to change the app url to your custom domain.
//$api->api_base_url= '';
//$api->oauth_base_url = str_replace('/api/2', '', $api->api_base_url);

// This is the first step with the client, which should be left alone

// Redirect users to the following URL:
echo "In your browser, go to: " . $api->getAuthorizationUrl() . "\n";
// This example uses raw_input to get the verification from the console:
$clientVerification = trim(fgets(STDIN));

Calling endpoints

Once you instantiate a client, you can use the get/put/post/delete methods to make the corresponding HTTP requests to the API. There is also a shortcut for using the GET method, which is to simply invoke the client.

Some endpoints accept an ID, this might be a numeric value, a path, or name, depending on the object type. For example, a user's id is their unique username. For a file path, the id is it's full path.

File transfers

Uploading and downloading files is supported.

To upload a file:

include_once 'Services/SmartFile/BasicClient.php';
$api = new Service_SmartFile_BasicClient('**********', '**********');


Downloading is automatic, if the 'Content-Type' header indicates content other than the expected JSON return value, then a file-like object is returned.

To download a file:

include_once 'Services/SmartFile/BasicClient.php';
$api = new Service_SmartFile_BasicClient('**********', '**********');



Operations are long-running jobs that are not executed within the time frame of an API call. For such operations, a task is created, and the API can be used to poll the status of the task.

To delete a file:

include_once 'Services/SmartFile/BasicClient.php';
$api = new Service_SmartFile_BasicClient('**********', '**********');


To move a file:

include_once 'Services/SmartFile/BasicClient.php';
$api = new Service_SmartFile_BasicClient('**********', '**********');

$api->move('file.txt', '/myFolder');

Running Tests

To run the test_smartfile.php test, from within the tests folder run:

API_KEY="**********" API_PASS="**********" phpunit test_smartfile.php


SmartFile API Client (PHP).




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