A python client for the Cheddar Getter API (https://cheddargetter.com)
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Sharpy is a client for the Cheddar Getter (https://cheddargetter.com/) API. Cheddar Getter is a great service for handling recurring and usage based billing.

There are some existing python Cheddar Getter clients but they have significant licensing problems, packaging problems, bugs, and are only partial implementations of the Cheddar Getter API.

Sharpy offers a number of advantages:

  • Clear and simple BSD license.
  • Both a high and low level API - Work with cheddar the way you want to.
  • 100% test coverage.
  • Proper packaging - Sharpy can be installed via easy_install and PIP.
  • Implements almost all of the Cheddar Getter API (See TODOs below).
  • Will have complete documentation soon.

That all being said, sharpy is still very new and is likely to undergo some significant API changes in the near future. The code should be fairly safe to use as long as you understand that future releases may not be backwards compatible.

Getting Started

To get started with Sharpy, simply install it like you would any other python package

pip install sharpy

Optionally, you can also install lxml on your system for faster XML parsing.

Once you have sharpy installed, checkout our docs on how to use the library.


Sharpy's documentation is available at ReadTheDocs or in the docs directory of the project.


You can checkout and download Sharpy's latest code at Github.

Installing elementtree for Development and Unit Testing

When trying to install elementtree, pip may report that there is no such package. If this happens to you, you can work around by downloading and installing it manually.

wget http://effbot.org/media/downloads/elementtree-1.2.6-20050316.zip
unzip elementtree-1.2.6-20050316.zip
cd elementtree-1.2.6-20050316/
pip install .


  • Flesh out the documentation to cover the full API.
  • Add support for the various filtering options in the get_customers call.