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🏠 Smart Home & Internet Of Things!
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Modular real-time home automation server.

Devices are extensions. SmartFlat can potentially support anything.

Slack Docker

SmartFlat Logo


  • Highly Compatible:
  • Modular
    • Everything is a module
    • Easy to extend
    • Flexible
  • Real-time
  • Scriptable
  • Secure:
    • SSL for communication
    • PBKDF2 for hashing
    • JWT for authentication
    • OpenSource
    • Self-hosted
  • Customizable
    • Choose whatever database you want
    • Get a third-party WebUI
    • Own a custom device? Write your own module


Ask me on Slack.

For Developers

Requires: git, yarn and node.js.

git clone
yarn install
yarn run build


SmartFlat is MIT-licensed.

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