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  Documentation updates; updated requirements (all.txt)
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Build Status on TravisCI Join the chat at

This file contains basic information about the basic directories of SmartHomeNG.

Developer documentation (english) can be found on

Additional information / documentation can be found in the SmartHomeNG Wiki. The Wiki ist in german for the greatest part.

directory description
bin the main python file is based here
dev if you plan to create a plugin then this is the folder you want to have a closer look at
doc Source files for the user- and developer documentation
etc the three basic configuration files smarthome.yaml, module.yaml, plugin.yaml, logic.yaml and logging.yaml are located here, you will edit these files to reflect your basic settings
examples some examples of items, etc. this is only for informational purpose
items put here your own files for your items
lib some more core python modules are in this directory. You won't need to change anything here
logics here your logic files are put
modules here are all loadable core-modules located (one subdirectory for every module)
plugins here are all plugins located (one subdirectory for every plugin). The plugins have to be installed from a separate repository (smarthomeNG/plugins)
scenes the scenes are stored here
tests The code for the automated travis tests is stored here
tools there are some tools which help you for creating an initial configuration
var everything that is changed by smarthome is put here, e.g. logfiles, cache, sqlite database etc.

Some more detailed info on the configuration files

As of Version 1.5 the old conf format will still be valid but will be moved out of the docs since it's deprecated now for some time.


Upon installation you will need to create this file and specify your location.

# smarthome.yaml
# look e.g. at
lat: '52.52'
lon: '13.40'
elev: 36
tz: Europe/Berlin


Upon installation you will need to create this file and configure the plugins and their attributes. An example is shown below

# plugin.yaml
    class_name: KNX
    class_path: plugins.knx
    port: 6720

# send_time = 600 # update date/time every 600 seconds, default none
# time_ga = 1/1/1 # default none
# date_ga = 1/1/2 # default none
    class_name: OneWire
    class_path: plugins.onewire

    class_name: WebSocket
    class_path: plugins.visu_websocket

    class_name: SmartVisu
    class_path: plugins.visu_smartvisu
    smartvisu_dir: /var/www/html/smartVISU

    class_name: CLI
    class_path: plugins.cli
    update: 'True'

    class_name: SQL
    class_path: plugins.sqlite


In the logic.conf you specify your logics and when they will be run. An example is shown below

# etc/logic.yaml
    crontab: sunset


This directory contains one or more item configuration files. The filename does not matter, except it has to end with '.yaml'.

# items/global.yaml
        type: bool
        attribute: foo


This directory contains your logic files. Simple or sophisitcated python scripts. You could address your smarthome item by sh.item.path. If you want to read an item call sh.item.path() or to set an item sh.item.path(Value).

# logics/
if       # if == True:
    sh.gloabl.sun(False)  # set it to False