07c66c2 Aug 12, 2017
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  • enhancements

    • Error groupiong (by @Martin91)

    • Additional fields for Slack support (by @schurig)

    • Enterprise HipChat support (by @seanhuber)


  • enhancements

    • Allow customizable backtrace for Slack (by @aried3r)

    • Add `Mongoid::Errors::DocumentNotFound` to ignored_exceptions (by @nazarok)

    • Improved text in Slack notifier (by @vojtad)

  • bug fixes

    • Fix data being sent on webhook notifier


  • enhancements

    • update URL in gemspec (by @ktdreyer)

    • Add `hostname` to Slack notifier (by @juanazam)

    • Allow `exception_recipients` to be a proc (by @kellyjosephprice)

    • Add Mattermost integration (by @Aschen)

    • Rails 5 compatible

  • bug fixes

    • Fix error when showing timestamp on non Rails apps

    • Fix delivery failure when deliver_with specified (by @grzuy)


  • bug fixes

    • HTML-escape exception messages sent to hipchat (by @gburt)

    • Send the correct options in send_notice (by @pcboy)


  • enhancements

    • Add a way to have a backtrace callback on notifiers (by @pcboy)

  • bug fixes

    • Fix incompatible character encodings error (by @san650)


  • enhancements

    • Change format of Slack notifications (by @eldano)


  • bug fixes

    • Alternate way to monkeypatch (by @joshco)

    • Fix BacktraceCleaner namespacing (by @esdlocomb)


  • enhancements

    • Add support for Sidekiq 3.0 (by @mbrictson)

    • Add IRC notifier (by @nathanjsharpe)

    • Add ActionController::UnknownFormat to default ignored exceptions (by @rezwyi)

    • Add message_template option to HipChat notifier (by @makimoto)

    • Add support for HipChat APIv2 (by @michaelherold)

    • Add Slack notifier (by @martin1keogh)

    • Add option for notifying on `X-Cascade` header (by @etipton)

    • Improve backtrace data (by @munkius)

  • bug fixes

    • Fix `Rails.root` exception (by @hovatterz)

    • Fix email notifier in Sinatra (by @betesh)


  • enhancements

    • Add HipChat notifier (by @j15e)

    • Log backtrace when notification fails

    • Send more info in Webhook notifier

    • Add HTTP method to request section


  • enhancements

    • Be able to override delivery_method (by @jweslley)

    • Add logger to log when notifications cannot be shiped (by @jweslley)

    • Add Rails generator to create an initializer file (by @jweslley)

    • Add rails engine (by @jweslley)

    • Add sidekiq support (by @jweslley)

    • Add resque support (by @jweslley)

    • Better style for html views (by @jweslley)

    • Support customizable Mailer class (by @Bishop)

    • Turn ExceptionNotification Rails agnostic (by @jweslley)

    • Support custom ignore exceptions for background notifications (by @jweslley)

    • Be able to implement custom notifiers (by @jweslley)

    • Add Webhook notifier (by @jweslley)

    • Rails 4 compatible

  • bug fixes

    • Don't error if Rails isn't defined. (by @dpogue)

    • Fix call to #normalize_digits (by @ghiculescu)


  • enhancements

    • Custom Headers (by @DouweM)

    • Make Tinder a soft-dependency (by @fgrehm)

  • bug fixes

    • Fix `code converter not found` (by @alanjds)


  • enhancements

    • Campfire integration

    • Support for HTML notifications (by @Xenofex)

    • Be able to override SMTP settings (by @piglop and @Macint)

  • bug fixes

    • Fix encoding issues

    • Allow default sections to be overridden (by @jfarmer)

    • Don't automatically deliver background notifications


  • bug fixes

    • Fix finding custom sections on Background notifications. Fixes [#68]


  • enhancements

    • Avoid raising exception on dev mode

    • Add ignore_if option to avoid sending certain notifications.

    • Add normalize_subject option to remove numbers from email so that they thread (by @jjb)

    • Allow the user to provide a custom message and hash of data (by @jjb)

    • Add support for configurable background sections and a data partial (by @jeffrafter)

    • Include timestamp of exception in notification body

    • Add support for rack based session management (by @phoet)

    • Add ignore_crawlers option to ignore exceptions generated by crawlers

    • Add verbode_subject option to exclude exception message from subject (by @amishyn)

  • bug fixes

    • Correctly set view path at the right time so that new sections are properly available (by @scrozier)

    • Fix handling exceptions with no backtrace

    • Fix issue on Solaris with hostname (by @bluescripts)

    • Ensure exceptions in view templates doesn't cause problems, allowing the notification to be sent anyway (by @sce)


  • bug fixes

    • Fix lib references on gemspec


  • enhancements

    • Add Background Notifications

  • bug fixes

    • Filter session_id on secure requests


  • enhancements

    • Use values set for the middleware as defaults

  • bug fixes

    • Avoid sending emails with large subjects

    • Avoid having to add 'require' option on gem configuration