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+# How to contribute
+We love your contribution, for it's essential for making ExceptionNotification greater every day.
+In order to keep it as easy as possible to contribute changes, here are a few guidelines that we
+need contributors to follow:
+## First of all
+* Check if the issue you're going to submit isn't already submitted in
+ the [Issues]( page.
+## Issues
+* Submit a ticket for your issue, assuming one does not already exist.
+* The issue must:
+ * Clearly describe the problem including steps to reproduce when it is a bug.
+ * Also include all the information you can to make it easier for us to reproduce it,
+ like OS version, gem versions, etc...
+ * Even better, provide a failing test case for it.
+## Pull Requests
+If you've gone the extra mile and have a patch that fixes the issue, you
+should submit a Pull Request!
+* Fork the repo on Github.
+* Create a topic branch from where you want to base your work.
+* Add a test for your change. Only refactoring and documentation changes
+ require no new tests. If you are adding functionality or fixing a bug,
+ we need a test!
+* Run _all_ the tests to assure nothine else was broken. We only take pull requests with passing tests.
+* Check for unnecessary whitespace with `git diff --check` before committing.
+* Push to your fork and submit a pull request.

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