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Add #update_columns entry to AR Changelog.

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## Rails 4.0.0 (unreleased) ##
+* Added `#update_columns` method which updates the attributes from
+ the passed-in hash without calling save, hence skipping validations and
+ callbacks. `ActiveRecordError` will be raised when called on new objects
+ or when at least one of the attributes is marked as read only.
+ post.attributes # => {"id"=>2, "title"=>"My title", "body"=>"My content", "author"=>"Peter"}
+ post.update_columns({title: 'New title', author: 'Sebastian'}) # => true
+ post.attributes # => {"id"=>2, "title"=>"New title", "body"=>"My content", "author"=>"Sebastian"}
+ *Sebastian Martinez*
* Allow before and after validations to take an array of lifecycle events
*John Foley*
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