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Google App introduced Now on Tap function in Android 6.0, you can use it to get the screenshot without status and navigation bar (by long press Home Button and click share button then). However, some apps like Wechat will report "File not exists" when you share the screenshot to them directlly.

This app will add a item named SaveNoTPic to the image share list. Your image will be saved to the directory you specified. You can also choose to open the image share list automatically after saving.

This app need Storage Permission to save screenshots.


If you choose "Hide Icon From Launcher" in the app, you may not be able to go back to Settings page again. Please be careful to use this function. If you want the icon back after hiding, you may have to uninstall the app and re-install it again.

System Requirement

Android 6.0+

App Screenshot


What's new

2016-12-02 v1.4

  1. Add "Hide Icon From Launcher" function
  2. Fix the bug that "Share after saving" function doew not work
  3. Minor bug fixes

2016-10-27 v1.3

  1. Fix the bug that custom saving directory does not work
  2. Fix the bug that fail to save when the directory does not exist
  3. Fix the invalid Help link

2016-09-21 v1.2

  1. Fix FC on new version of Google App
  2. Bug fixes and performance improvements

2016-08-02 v1.1

  1. Fix the bug that Gallery App does not show the scrennshot after saving

2016-07-31 v1.0

  1. Initial release

Open Source

This app is fully open source under GPL v3 License.

Thanks to

Google material-design-icons、NoNonsense-FilePicker


You can go to My Blog for Chinese edition help or get the latest version.


an android app which allows you to save Google Now on Tap screenshot to sdcard and share it



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