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Raddocs is a browser for JSON outputted by the rspec_api_documentation gem.



gem 'raddocs'


  mount Raddocs::App => "/docs"

Make sure RspecApiDocumentation is generating JSON:


RspecApiDocumentation.configure do |config|
  config.format = :json



  • api_name - Name of the API on the example index page
  • docs_dir - where the JSON output from rspec_api_documentation is located
  • docs_mime_type - if you use the middleware, what mime type are you serving your docs as, must be a regex. eg: /text\/\+plain/
  • include_bootstrap - Boolean to disable including bootstrap if you are using your own css
  • external_css - Array of css files to include, with a full URL to them
  • url_prefix - Optional prefix to insert before URLs generated by Raddocs
Raddocs.configure do |config|
  config.docs_dir = "doc/api"

Custom CSS

You can include extra css by the config option external_css or add a directory to the docs dir named styles. Every css file in the styles dir will be included as a link element on all pages.