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for Smartlook SDK


Reporting issues

Please report all issues to

Realtime support

You can also contact our developers directly on our Discord server.

How to submit an issue

To resolve your issue more quickly, please provide following information:

  • Platform

    • Android
    • iOS
    • both
  • Minimal supported platform API/version

  • Technology

    • native app
    • React Native
    • Unity
    • Flutter
    • Cocos
    • Unreal
    • other
  • Smartlook User ID/API key

    • can be found in profile settings in dashboard
  • Project type

    • application
    • SDK
    • other
  • Problem description

  • (optional) Stack trace

    • if Smartlook SDK caused crash
  • (optional) Rendering

    • Metal
    • OpenGL
    • Vulkan
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