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This implementation transmits periodically a confirmed LoRaWAN message: either at a preconfigured period (30 seconds by default), or as often as is allowed by the radio duty-cycle regulations (around every 2 minutes at SF12 if you don't cheat). The blinking pattern of the built-in LED of the Feather will vary depending on whether or not the device received an acknowledge from the server, which is useful in order to debug the connectivity to the LoRaWAN network. If the device does not receive any acknowledge, it will automatically be reset after a preconfigured amount of transmission (15 by default).

Initialize the Platformio project

In the directory containing the platformio.ini configuration file, run the command:

platformio init

If you want to work on this project using the CLion IDE, you can also directly generate the required CMakeLists.txt by running the following command instead :

platformio init --ide clion

Update the dependencies

You can update the external dependencies with the following command:

platformio lib update

Build and upload the project to the Feather

With the Feather connected, you can now build and upload the software:

For a Feather M0:

platformio run -t upload

For a Feather 32u4:

platformio run -e feather_32u4 -t upload

Monitor the device output

The device has a debugging output which you can read using:

platformio device monitor