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SmartAccounts plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin creates sales invoices in the Online Accounting Software after Woocommerce order creation


After woocommerce order goes to status "Processing" or "Completed" then this plugin:

  • Creates Customer to SmartAccounts if no existing customer with same name and e-mail found
  • Creates Articles in Smartaccounts of Woocommerce product on the order if existing products are not found. Woocommerce product SKU is compared with SmartAccounts article code.
  • Creates sales in invoice and connects it with the right customer and adds all the Articles on the invoice.
  • Marks the sales invoice as paid.


Since there are many ways how Woocommerce is set up and everyone has their own requirements then it is likely that you need professional help in installing and configuring this plugin. Contact plugin author to get support and share ideas.


Configuration is needed to make this plugin work. After activating the plugin find its configuration page under Woocommerce menu item and:

  • Make sure you have SmartAccounts package with API access
  • Copy SmartAccounts API key and secret from SmartAccounts interface. If you don't have SmartAccounts API key (please check Settings - Connected Services) you can contact SmartAccounts support to enable API service for your account. Additional conditions and charges may apply to API service.
  • Add bank account name you want to be used when making the invoices paid
  • You can also change SmartAccounts code for shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the plugin limitations?

  • This plugin creates sales invoice to SmartAccounts platform only first time when order is changed into "Processing" or "Completed" status.
  • Invoice is always marked paid regardless if the payment is actually made or not yet. For example if Cash on Delivery payment method is used.
  • Order changes and cancelling is not handled automatically
  • All items have one VAT percentage
  • SmartAccounts article code must be added to the Woocommerce product SKU if existing SmartAccounts article must be used
  • If no sku is added to product then product code wc_product_XXX is used where XXX is product ID
  • If product is not found then "Woocommerce product NAME" Article is created to SmartAccounts
  • Plugin does not handle errors which come from exceeding rate limits or unpaid SmartAccounts invoices.
  • If there are errors then invoices might be missing and rest of the Woocommerce functionality keeps on working
  • SmartAccounts API key, API secret and Payment account name must be configured before plugin will start working properly.


Woocommerce plugin that creates sales invoices in the Online Accounting Software after Woocommerce order creation






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