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DBforBix is the DB monitoring tool for Zabbix. It works like an active Zabbix Proxy by getting configuration from Zabbix Server and sending results back. Just copy dist to your server, edit configuration and run

See Wiki for DBforBix as Zabbix Proxy configuration instructions:

DBforBIX is licensed under the GNU General Public License V.3.
You can obtain a full copy of the licese here:

The project's documentation is available here:

Github directory structure

The github repository is organized as follow:

  • dists: contains the packages ready to be used
  • items: contains all the itemfiles developed (also included in the distribution package)
  • template: contains all the templeates developed (also included in the distribution package)
  • conf: contains a sample configuration (also included in the distribution package)
  • src: contains all the source code

Notes about the the structure

In the dists directory you find the source code package that has generated a specific distribution. In this way you have all the code who generated a distribution. The template and items are available within the distributions files but also in a separate location to make it easy to pull change requests as well as the src and conf.

Object Model

Constructed with ObjectAid (Eclipse plug-in) Object Model current diagram Object Model source