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a peer-to-peer standard for a global derivatives market
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An open source standard for a free peer-to-peer global derivatives market.

SmartPiggies are non-fungible digital contracts that provide their owners with protection against undesirable changes in the price of any asset, product, or service. In traditional finance terms, SmartPiggies could be compared to a capped option. For more information on the project and to read the pinkpaper please visit the website.

This repository is a front-end dApp that will connect to the testnet contracts defining a SmartPiggies implementation.


These contracts are on testnet and are changed frequently as we continue to develop the implementation of the design. If you are playing with the demo and we target a new contract, all your piggies will not show up. Previously made piggies will be associated with the old contract, but we usually delete these contracts once we deploy a new contract.

Getting Started

SmartPiggies takes advantage of stable tokens and oracles, which are currently available technologies on the ethereum test networks, e.g. Ropsten, Rinkeby and Goerli (if you would like to view it on our dev server email: real smart piggies @ gmail dot com). In the mean time, to build this repo follow the instructions below.


In order to interact with the deployed SmartPiggies contracts there are a couple steps that need to be taken.


SmartPiggies uses stable tokens as collateral. You will need to have some stable tokens to use with the dApp. We deployed our own stable token contract to play with. The dApp has these addresses hardcoded into the components.


Stable Tokens: In order to create smartpiggies, the creating account (i.e. the writer) has to approve transfer of stable tokens, used as collateral, from their account to the SmartPiggies contract. This is done in the ERC20 Stable Token contract with the approve method.

Oracle Fees: This dApp uses Chainlink as an oracle provider. To use Chainlink on the testnet, LINK tokens are required to pay for oracle fees. A fee of 1 LINK will retrieve a data request from an oracle. The account requesting to clear a smartpiggie by resolving the price of the underlying from the oracle will need to have LINK tokens and approve the transfer of these tokens from their account to the Oracle Resolver contract. The approval process is the same as approving stable tokens, however in this case the approval is from the requesting account to the resolver address.


To build the dApp clone this respository:

git clone

Navigate to the app folder:

cd smartpiggies/app/

Install the node_modules from the app folder:

yarn install

Run the server:

npm run start

This will deploy the react server and host the dApp at localhost:3000 Use a web browser to access the dApp by typing in localhost:3000 into the address bar.


This work is experimantal and a work-in-progress. Use at your own risk, and review all risk sections in the pinkpaper.

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