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Welcome to the Smart Primer wiki! This wiki contains documentation for the Smart Primer tablet application.

About Smart Primer

Taking the idea from the Diamond Age, Smart Primer is a tablet-based engaging educational narrative that incorporates fun learning activities. This narrative runs on a tablet that students take with them out into the world, rather than staying tethered to a desk. In doing so, we could incorporate context, such as physical surroundings, location, and even the students own learning abilities to deliver personalized, engaging content.


We use the following tools for communication. Contact Sherry for permissions if needed.

  • Join the #smart-primer-webapp on Slack. Install the Slack desktop client and mobile app will make sure you get any notifications

  • Join the Github Smart Primer Web team

We use Github plugin Zenhub for task management:

We use Google Drive for project documentation and notes:

  • Smart Primer Web App Google Drive Folder

We use Google Doc for weekly updates and reports:

  • Smart Primer Web App Project Notes

Your time commitments:

We work hard to organize the commitments to make sure every team member benefits greatly from their time investment. If you feel that some rule is underperforming, feel free to let Sherry know.

  • Stay up to date with conversations on Slack

  • Weekly project meeting (schedule sent through Calendar invite)

  • Finish the task assigned to you on Zenhub Board

  • Summarize your weekly progress in Smart Primer Web Project Notes prior to our meeting

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