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This is a demo app which shows how to access Smartrecruiters jobs from 3rd party app using OAuth2 authentication scheme.

To run the app the easiest thing is to first install all the artifacts using mvn install and then run mvn tomcat7:run. You can also use the command line to build war files with mvn package and drop them in your favourite server, or you can run them directly from an IDE.

Visit http://localhost:8080/oauth2-java-demo in a browser and go to the jobs tab. The result should be:

  • You are prompted to authenticate in the app (the login screen tells you the users available and their passwords)

  • The correct authorization is not yet in place for smartrecruiters to access your jobs in smartrecruiters on your behalf, so app redirects your browser to the smartrecruiters UI to get the authorization.

  • You are prompted to authenticate with smartrecruiters.

  • Then smartrecruiters will ask you if you authorize app to access your jobs.

  • If you say "yes" then your browser will be redirected back to app and this time the correct authorization is present, so you will be able to see your jobs.


OAuth2 java demo



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