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- Build
Add a <i>properties/${}.properties</i> file and define the <i>jmeter.home</i> property. Then run ant.
${} is the username of the logged in user.
This code has been tested with JMeter 2.3.4 (
- Install
Edit the ${jmeter.home}/bin/ and set the searh_paths property to the location of the file:
Alternatively, copy the JMeterRestSampler.jar in the directory ${jmeter.home}/lib/ext
If installation is successful, when starting JMeter, the Rest Sampler and JMX Sampler should be available in the Add/Sampler ThreadGroup context popup menu.
- Eclipse project
To successfully compile the project within Eclipse, once imported, you need to define two workspace
variables: JMETER_HOME and ANT_HOME to respectively point to your JMeter home and Ant home directories.
- License
The software is licensed using a BSD license.
- Disclaimer
JMeterRestSampler is no more than a toy to prove the concept of Robustness testing via JMeter.
I am not intentioned to improve it in the foreseeable future.