Symbol in setBody does not resolve in the display #61

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Great tool to test REST API.

I came across a situation where I store a name in a symbol/variable. I can resolve it in setHeader and POST but never in setBody.

|Fit Rest Fixture|http://locahost:8081 |
|let |displayname |js|'foo'||
|setHeader |%displayname% |
|setBody |%displayname% |

will render this:

|Fit Rest Fixture | http://locahost:8081|
|let | displayname | js | 'foo' | foo |
| setHeader | foo |
| setBody | %displayname% |

Pardon if I am confusing symbols and variable, but hopefully the example makes sense. Normally, I get the %displayname% value from

| let |displayname | body | /data/opportunity/displayName| |

but I dont think this is a factor.


That should work... I will check


More info: Appears that it actually sets the body correctly, but in Fitnesse it still shows up as %displayname%.

It does not "resolve to the UI" in setBody like it does in setHeader. In fact, the cell turns green which clued me in that it was doing something correct. Its just not showing what %displayname% resolved to.

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