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Exception when evaluating Json #73

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I am unable to evaluate a Json response from a GET. No matter what I do, I keep getting an exception. I have the Content-Type and Accept headers both set to application/json as displayed below:

|setHeader |!-

Authorization:AccessToken %accessToken%-!|

Whether or not I have a Json snippet in column 5 or a javascript expectation, I always get the exception. As far as I can tell, the Json coming back is properly formed. Below is a snippet of the FitNesse exception:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot evaluate '{"lastPage":true,"pageNumber":0,"totalPages":1,"totalResults":2,"pageContent":["/cloud-connect/CustomerTest","/cloud-connect/sub-org"]}' in {"lastPage":true,"pageNumber":0,"totalPages":1,"totalResults":2,"pageContent":["/cloud-connect/CustomerTest","/cloud-connect/sub-org"]}

I am using the latest FitNesse build from Oct 18, 2013, and I have the RESTFixture which includes this fix:
"SlimFormatter now wraps everything in a DIV in order to deal with FitNesse now escaping everything that doesn't look like HTML by default"
Change-Id: Ifd1a871f6f72711b94a356d796c4654f6b778f84

The latest RESTFixture had problems with the results coming back as HTML, so I need to use this version.


I think that this can probably be closed. The more I was working with this and read more examples, I noticed that you cannot just compare Json to Json, rather use Javascript or some Xpath. When I use something like the following, everything works: jsonbody.pageContent[0]=="foo"

Is there every any plans to be able to compare Json to Json?


Hi, so you mean semantic comparison (equivalent to implementing the Object#equal() in java)?
I don't plan to do it in the immediate future

@smartrics smartrics closed this
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