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RestFixture Live Documentation

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A suite of FitNesse tests built with the RestFixture, to document the RestFixture.

Download LiveDoc

LiveDoc is available for download from Maven Central


Once downloaded, unzip the file and

  • Slim tests are available in smartrics-RestFixture-LiveDoc-4.0/livedocs/RestFixtureTests.html
  • FIT tests are available in smartrics-RestFixture-LiveDoc-4.0/livedocs/RestFixtureFitTests.html

Build LiveDoc


mvn test

To run the tests and generate the following reports:

  • Slim tests: target/fitnesse-junit/RestFixtureTests.html
  • FIT tests: target/fitnesse-junit/RestFixtureFitTests.html


mvn package

to generate the distributable zip file.

Run with -DwithLatestFitnesse to execute the tests with the latest version of Fitnesse:

mvn test -DwithLatestFitnesse