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A short guide to use SmartSDK platform
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SmartSDK Guided Tour

Documentation Status

Welcome to the guided tour on SmartSDK platform. This guided tour, by means of a small application example, provides a simple introduction to different services developed in the context of SmartSDK project for the FIWARE ecosystem.


Contributions to the documentation are welcome in the form of pull requests.

If you spot any issue in the documentation, you can open an issue, and we will check your issue and eventually correct the error in the documentation.

ReadTheDocs documentation is generated automatically out of MarkDown (MD) docs. To ensure consistency of the documentation style, we recommend you to adhere to the MD linting rules. Compliancy with such rules is checked through a Travis CI process. Once you make a pull request to the repository, you will be able to observe the results of the compliancy verification in your PR. Merge will be only possible if the CI process passed successfully.

You can check and build the docs by yourself on your machine using a custom dockerimage by running the following command in the root directory of the project:

docker run -it --rm -v "$(pwd):/docs" smartsdk/guided-tour-builder

Should you have a solution yourself, feel free to make a pull request!

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