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SmartStore.NET 2.2.0

@Michael-Herzog Michael-Herzog released this
· 7372 commits to 4.x since this release
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  • Overall performance increase
  • New mobile theme: MobileLight (a light variant of the default mobile theme)
  • More reliable mobile device detection
  • Quantity unit management
  • Performance: product list rendering up to 10x (!) faster now (depends on page size and view mode)
  • SEO: New field to specify html tag for page titles on widget level
  • Lots of bug fixes

New Features

  • New mobile theme: MobileLight (a light variant of the default mobile theme)
  • Localization: in a multi-language environment missing language resources fall back to default language's resources (instead of returning the ugly resource key)
  • Quantity unit management
  • #428 New option to override global category list view type
  • #672 New option to automatically create mutual associations for cross sell and related products
  • #485 Enable shop admin to change creation date of a blog entry
  • #258 Implement email validation in checkout
  • New option to specify the maximum number of displayed filter items
  • New option to specify whether all filter groups should be displayed expanded
  • #459 New field to specify html tag for page titles on widget level
  • Added shrink database to backend UI
  • #588 Alternative localized category name used as title for category pages
  • #592 Add a second category description displayed beyond products on category page
  • Promotion feeds now export the preselected price (including price adjustments and overrides)
  • Implement 'free shipping threshold' for feed creation
  • Billiger feed: Implement new field for shipping costs to austria
  • (Developer) Added BeginTransaction() and UseTransaction() methods to IDbContext


  • (Perf) product list rendering up to 10x (!) faster now (depends on page size and view mode)
  • The data grid in the backend now preserves client state between requests (page, pageSize, sorting, filtering etc.)
  • Excel Import & Export: much lower memory consumption and increased performance
  • Moving pictures from DB to FS or vice versa is lightning fast now, consumes much lower memory and is encapsulated in a transaction which ensures reliable rollback after failure. Plus the database gets automatically shrinked after moving to FS.
  • Feed plugins: product query now paged to reduce memory payload
  • #589 Backend product list: add filter for products with "no category mapping" and "no manufacturer mapping"
  • Minor UI tweaks in checkout process
  • Payone: CC-Check via client API, not via Server API (requires PCI certification)
  • #189 Allow deletion of multiple reviews
  • #622 UI: Redesign table in Sales > Orders > Order > Tab Products
  • #625 Bundles can be ordered if an attribute combination of a bundle item is not available
  • #666 Export addresses in customer export
  • New shopping cart setting ShowItemsFromWishlistToCartButton
  • XML product export now is paged and more data gets exported
  • #560 Return requests: Add fields for last update, last update of requested action and general notes
  • #626 Add IsActive flag for checkout attributes


  • Instant search box did not display all results when SQL Fulltext Search was enabled
  • Print order as PDF redirected to login although the admin already was logged in
  • Editing a product might change its URL alias
  • #621 PDF Order: does not take overridden attribute combination price into account (in order line)
  • Amazon payments: Declined authorization IPN did not void the payment status
  • Fixed „Payment method couldn't be loaded“ when order amount is zero
  • #598 Wrong input parameter name for ReturnRequestSubmit
  • #557 Localize MVC validation strings
  • Fixed rare bug "The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property" (Controller: Order, Action: OrderNotesSelect)
  • Debitoor: Adding order notes can result in infinite order update event loop with thousands of order notes
  • Tax rates persisted on order item level to avoid rounding issues (required for Debitoor, Accarda and Payone)
  • Hide additional shipping surcharge when display prices permission is not granted
  • Fixed "Adding a relationship with an entity which is in the Deleted state is not allowed" when adding bundles to cart
  • Fixed price calculation of multiple bundles issue
  • Fixed auto add required products for bundle items
  • Fixes #641: Protocol in sitemap should be HTTPS when ForceSslForAllPages is true
  • #640 Do not display shipping infos for grouped products in product lists
  • #634 Bundle price in list should not differ from price in details if there is only one bundle item with one attribute
  • Do not copy associated product when copying a bundle product
  • Null DeliveryTimeId when deleting products. Otherwise deleted products can prevent deletion of delivery times.
  • Fixed: Product with inactive attribute combination could be moved to wishlist, copied to cart and be purchased
  • Mobile Theme: Show prices according to selected variant value, display of deliverytime
  • Bundles: Display base price according to Catalog Setting > Product Detail > Display Base Price