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SmartStore.NET 2.2.2

@Michael-Herzog Michael-Herzog released this
· 1081 commits to 2.x since this release
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New Features

  • SmartStore.NET User Guide
  • #210 Implement multi-store support for import/export
  • Added zip code to shipping by weight computation method
  • Skrill payment plugin
  • (Dev) DevTool plugin: added option to display all widget zones in public store
  • New options for manufacturer display on the homepage
  • Added optional customer number field


  • (Perf) several minor optimizations for faster app startup and page rendering
  • UI: optimized image gallery widget (white background & nicer animations) + enhanced modal dialog fade animations
  • (Soft) deletion of SEO slug supporting entities now also deletes the corresponding url records
  • License checker now supports IDN mapping for domain names
  • #716 Supporting of paged google-product data query for SQL-Server Compact Edition
  • #648 Add hint for * at mandatory form fields at address creation
  • Added link to imprint and disclaimer to footer in mobile theme
  • #521 Display bonus points in order export
  • Updated GMC taxonomy files
  • MsieJsEngine now is the default LESS script engine


  • #694 Product variant attribute in product page should not be preselected implicitly
  • Fixed: If currencies are limited to one for a multi-store, this currency should dominate the setting for the primary store currency
  • #563 Scheduled Tasks: ensure that 'LastEndUtc' is ALWAYS set
  • Topics grid: fixed 'maxJsonLength exceeded' error
  • Debitoor: Fixed "The property named 'lines.0.productOrService' should be defined"
  • Send currency code of primary store currency (not of working currency) to payment gateway
  • #691 Product quantity not added to cart on mobile theme
  • #186 Mobile: variant images do not refresh
  • #671 Bundle products: display base price according to applied discount
  • #619 Display base price according to applied tier price
  • #726 PAngV: basket displays wrong base price when attribute price adjustment has been set
  • Weight adjustment of attributes weren't applied in shopping cart overview
  • Shipping by weight calculates wrong surcharge if attribute combination prices are set
  • Don't let database hooks call other hooks.
  • There was no payment redirect if only one payment method is available in checkout