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SmartStore.NET 2.6.0

@Michael-Herzog Michael-Herzog released this
· 27 commits to 2.x since this release
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  • Major improvements in Importer & Exporter: better field mapping, higher performance, bug fixes etc.
  • 'PayPal PLUS' payment plugin
  • 'paydirekt' payment plugin
  • 'Viveum' payment plugin
  • 'BeezUP' export provider
  • (Dev) Publishing SmartStore.Web from within Visual Studio now deploys the project correctly. No need to execute ClickToBuild.cmd anymore. Just publish directly to any target, including Azure.

New Features

  • #961 Fix "Open Redirection Vulnerability"
  • #571 Option to display another checkbox on confirm page to let the customer accept that his email address can be handed over to a third party
  • #870 Implement address import for customers (both billing & shipping address)
  • #886 Add setting to hide manufacturer images on product detail page and to hide default image for manufacturers
  • Import localized SEO names for product and categories
  • #477 Implement option to specify the number of exported and imported pictures
  • #859 Make checkout attributes suitable for multi-stores
  • Product details: Select attribute and gift card values by query string parameters
  • #950 make contact form comply with current German law


  • Major improvements in Importer: better field mapping, higher performance, bug fixes etc.
  • (Dev) Publishing SmartStore.Web from within Visual Studio now deploys the project correctly. No need to execute ClickToBuild.cmd anymore. Just publish directly to any target, including Azure.
  • Localization & SEO: language switcher now takes language specific SEO slugs into account when building links
  • Smarter import of plugin resource files with graceful fallbacks (de-DE > de > de-* > en-US > en > en-* > *)
  • (Perf) Faster language resource file import
  • Exports the product detail link including the attribute query string when exporting attribute combinations
  • #918 Compare products: Display base price information
  • Export email attachments needs to be stored in database because the temp file may not exist anymore when sending the email
  • #913 Use HTML5 Input types (tel, email)
  • Added paging to frontend order list
  • Added paging to backend checkout attribute list
  • #977 Show PAngV base/delivery amount also
  • Updated LiveEngage LiveChat plugin


  • TaskScheduler could fail polling when primary store url is an external IP address
  • Fixed ajax cache issue when saving payment or shipping restrictions. Internet Explorer showed the old data state (before storage).
  • "The provider failed at the Execute method: Member 'CurrentValues' cannot be called for the entity of type 'Product'" when exporting product attribute combinations
  • Bundles without selected attributes could throw an exception on product detail page
  • GMC feed did not export the product type and Billiger did not export shop_cat (category path)
  • The error message of a payment provider when capturing a payment was not displayed
  • Adding new shipping method threw an exception
  • Attribute Values: Assigning IsPreselected to more than one value causes an error
  • BizImporter: fixed redirection bug when default file extension in .biz wasn't .html
  • Fixed: Export deployment emails were always send manually
  • Manually notifying gift card recipient threw an exception
  • Loading shipping by weight grid failed under SQL CE
  • #949 Import: ProcessSlugs does not process explicitly specified "SeName", if product name did not change in an update scenario
  • Customer import: Creates customer role duplicates for inserted customers
  • GMC feed does not generate the sale price if the sale price is set for a future date
  • Mobile devices: Fixed "Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: :nth-child"
  • Download nor sample download were removable when editing product
  • Copied product must not share sample download of source product. Could produce "The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint 'FK_dbo.Product_dbo.Download_SampleDownloadId'".
  • #921 Specification attribute options with single quotation marks are causing a Javascript error
  • #971 Product is added to cart automatically if it has a non-required file upload attribute
  • #973 Bundle item upload is nowhere linked
  • Base price in product list ignored PriceDisplayType (catalog settings) and possibly displayed the wrong base price info
  • Private messages: Fixes "No route in the route table matches the supplied values"
  • Payone: Hash string incorrect for frontend API payments where the order has more than 9 products
  • Export mail notification: Download link not working if SSL is enabled
  • Discount rule has spent amount including sub total option can cause wrong discount calculation if the cart contains a product several times
  • #986 File uploads possible through /content/filemanager/index.html