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SmartStore.NET 3.0.1

@Michael-Herzog Michael-Herzog released this
· 2545 commits to 3.x since this release
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SmartStore.NET 3.0.1


  • (Perf) Much faster application startup
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable no longer required to be installed
  • BeezUP:
    • Exports up to 9 product images
    • Export stock quantity when stock is managed by attributes
    • Export parent child relation data when exporting attribute combinations as products
    • Flatten and append attribute data when exporting attribute combinations as products
  • Instant search should search manufacturer/brand name
  • HTTP 301 redirects for legacy media URLs
  • (Dev) New 'ApplicationStarted' event
  • (Dev) Enabled C# 6 features in plugin views
  • (GMC) Added missing database indexes.
  • (WebApi) Added endpoints for blog post and blog comment
  • Added more sortable columns to backend product grids
  • #1160 Append suffix 'Picture (1...n)' to thumbnail's alt-attribute on product detail pages
  • (Perf) Faster catalog indexing thanks to new database indexes
  • (Perf) Faster dynamic view compilation thanks to Roslyn compiler
  • Added the widget zone 'productdetails_pictures_bottom'
  • Added config setting sm:PdfEngineBaseUrl. There are cases where the PDF converter exits with a network error, when it is unable to load automatically resolved URLs.
  • (Dev) Added Retry utility class
  • #1176 Admin > Product Search: It ain't possible to search for parts of a product name


  • #1145: Fixed HTTP 404 after switching language
  • Fixed null reference exception in product lists if sorting is not allowed
  • The file manager did not work correctly under a virtual folder
  • Item row in list style product list should not wrap on small devices
  • Item row in list style product list squashed on Android system browser
  • Linq search: Filter for manufacturers and categories were not limited by store
  • (GMC) Fixes duplicate occurrence of application path in absolute product URL
  • Products with stock managed by attributes sometimes not displayed in category lists
  • Fixed System.MissingMethodException for SmartStore.Core.Search.Facets.FacetGroup
  • Fixed uploaded image paths in HTML fields (Media/Uploaded > Media//Uploaded)
  • (MegaSearch) Product category order, product manufacturer order and product order were not recognized (sorting)
  • Standard search: Fixed sorting of recently added products
  • Alias for search filters couldn't be set if there's only one language
  • #1168 Cart: MinOrderAmount sometimes ignored
  • Moving products from editable wishlist to cart was out of function
  • Fixed several issues with parallelly executed data export tasks
  • Fixed several issues with PayPal payment providers
  • Facebook login out of function due to Facebook API changes (always returns "Unknown error")
  • Fixed 'no picture available' watermark on some product pictures
  • #1153 Removing already applied gift card causes error
  • (Theming) Drift zoom uses static zoomFactor. Made it dynamic.
  • (Theming) IE11: simple menu dropdowns weren't positioned correctly
  • Removed "trust" element from web.config (causes problems on some shared hosting spaces)
  • Fixed ThumbZoomer unproportional rescale issue in product grid
  • #1134 JavaScript error (IE 11 in VS debug mode) after removing the last item in shopping cart
  • (Theming) Dozens of layout fs for ixemobile devices (especially iOS and Android native browser)
  • Better error logging for TaskScheduler
  • Fixed several queries which caused problems with SQL CE
  • Fixed missing CurrencyCode exception in product exports
  • #1179 Error while downloading a downloadable product
  • Mega Menu: If a dropdown contains two level hierarchy categories only, they are not wrapped to the next column
  • Hide sort dropdown when option is off
  • HTTP 301 redirects for legacy media URLs
  • Added missing resources of broken migration 'AddressEnhancement' again
  • Checkout: Title and salutation were missing when entering new addresses
  • #1163 ContentSlider: pictures won't be displayed when placed on top or bottom on IOS