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SmartStore.NET 3.0.2

@Michael-Herzog Michael-Herzog released this
· 2465 commits to 3.x since this release
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SmartStore.NET 3.0.2

Breaking changes

  • MegaSearch: The index must be re-created because of changes to the price filter.

New Features

  • New setting indicates whether to include or exclude unavailable products in search results by default.
  • (Dev) New Asset Cache


  • PayPal Standard: New settings "UsePayPalAddress" and "IsShippingAddressRequired" to avoid payment rejection due to address validation.
  • More widget zones for the footer
  • #1177 Implement new setting for product search sorting
  • More fault tolerant task scheduler


  • Fixed memory leak in MegaSearch plugin, which caused HTTP 503
  • RSS: Item URLs in feeds have ignored SSL settings
  • Fixed "The view 'ProfileImportResult' or its master was not found"
  • #1187 Search: Do not hide multi-selectable filters of the same group if there are no hits
  • Fixed System.ArgumentNullException in ProductVariantQueryFactory
  • PayPal PLUS: Fixed HTTP 401 "Unauthorized" when calling PatchShipping
  • #1189 MegaSearch: Boosts are ignored in prefix and wildcard queries by default
  • MegaSearch: Localized labels of filters were never displayed
  • #1195 Exporter: don't send an email if no email account has been selected
  • Product lists sometimes show the wrong delivery time
  • #1192 Lucene indexing performance decreases the longer it takes
  • #1198 MegaSearch: never sort numeric range by label, always by value
  • Filter for attributes were always sorted by hit count
  • #1200 PayPal PLUS: Invalid request if the order amount is zero
  • Fixed null reference exception when copying attribute option set with image(s) (file system storage only)
  • Product price sometimes was wrong when entering a numeric value in an attribute text box
  • Added missing code for customer privacy agreement
  • Clicking the login link wasn't working correctly in offcanvas my-account menu
  • #1158 Currency and language selectors weren't working in OffCanvas menu
  • Fixed "Server cannot append header after HTTP headers have been sent"