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SmartStore.NET 3.1.5

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@Michael-Herzog Michael-Herzog released this 25 May 19:42
· 1130 commits to 3.x since this release


  • Compliance with EU-GDPR requirements
  • Search engine friendly topic URLs
  • "Honeypot" bot detection for registration and contact forms.

New Features

  • #1429 Search engine friendly topic URLs
  • Implemented cookie consent according to EU law
  • Added checkboxes for data processing consent in all relevant forms
  • Implemented "Honeypot" bot detection for registration and contact forms.
  • Trusted Shops: Added consent checkbox to confirm order page for submission of customer email address to Trusted Shops if review widget is active
  • #1226 Shop-Connector: Added exchange of tier prices and delivery times
  • #1439 Debitoor: Option whether to display the payment method and SKU on invoices


  • Added double opt-in feature for newsletter subscriptions during checkout (confirm order)
  • Allow forward slash in product tag URL slug
  • Theming: throttle AJAX cart refresh after spin up/down click
  • Moved StoreLastIpAddress & DisplayPrivacyAgreementOnContactUs from customer settings to privacy settings tab
  • #1450 Show the regular price only if it's higher than the final price
  • #1450 Do not ignore discounts with a negative amount
  • (Soft) deleted customers can be edited now
  • Customer IP addresses will be anonymized on (soft) deletion
  • Set catalogsettings.showsharebutton to false as its not compliant with GDPR
  • Made form fields for first & last name in customer registration optional
  • Implemented settings to make form fields for first & last name required again
  • Made form field for full name in contact us & product request optional
  • Implemented settings to make form field for full name in contact us & product request required again
  • #1453 Import: Use [IGNORE] to ignore a field value on record level
  • #1455 More detail on packing slip when bundled item
  • Display category alias as badge in grids and dropdowns


  • Migration: take all same-named message templates into account
  • Messaging: OrderPlaced e-mail templates show main product image even when an attribute combination with a custom image has been selected
  • Theming: fix broken product review voting
  • Theming: added missing bottom space to .html-editor-content
  • Theming: Language switcher is not displayed if no currency options are available
  • No bundle item thumbnail displayed in bundle summary if item is not individually visible
  • Tracking number in shipment details was not saved
  • Assigning or removing product tags did not invalidate model cache
  • Reward points weren't displayed in message templates
  • Dashboard: link for not yet shipped orders loads list with all orders
  • Topic search button had no effect
  • #1442 Message factory should not throw an exception if a template has been deactivated
  • Fixes script error "$(...).tab is not a function" on product detail page
  • Title attribute for the product name in product lists was sometimes truncated
  • Relativizing font sizes should cast to double, not int
  • Fixes category list on product edit page shows empty category name
  • #1438 Debitoor: The country is displayed twice
  • MegaSearch: Fixes indexing ignores DeliveryTimeIdForEmptyStock setting
  • Web API: Fixes "No NavigationLink factory was found for the navigation property 'WalletHistory'"
  • #1449 IgnoreCharges of shipping methods is not working if a localized name is specified
  • Fixes "The object does not support the property or method 'startsWith'" on product edit page.
  • Wallet: Fixes "Child actions are not allowed to perform redirect actions" when there are cart warnings
  • Fixes the delivery time in the order notifications may differ from delivery time on the product detail page