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Smartstore 4.1.0

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@Michael-Herzog Michael-Herzog released this 11 Nov 12:03
· 208 commits to 4.x since this release


  • Web API: now supports the widely extended version 4 of OData. New endpoints for uploading and managing media files have been added to the API.
  • (NEW) Delivery dates: product info now shows estimated delivery date (exact date, range, Not before, Not later than). Merchant can enter optional Min/Max delivery days and also specify business hours.
  • (DEV) VS Extension to create plugins. Helps developing plugins for Smartstore by creating the basic structure of a Smartstore plugin with all the required files.
  • OCI provides connection to e-procurement systems via industry standard OCI (commercial plugin)
  • cXmlPunchout provides connection to e-procurement systems via industry standard cXmlPunchout (commercial plugin)
  • Video support in product media gallery.
  • Media Gallery displays a multitude of media files in various styles as Page Builder block.
  • (PERF) ~10% faster page rendering speed thanks to better eager loading & caching strategies

Breaking changes

  • The Glimpse plugin is obsolete and has been removed! Does not work with .NET 4.7+ and hasn't been maintained for 7 years now.
  • (DEV) Web API: porting to OData v4 has minor incompatibilities with v3. See this blog post for details.
  • Blogs\News: the direct language association has been removed. Localized content is now entered using the localization editor.
    Merging the contents of different languages must be done manually (migration is not possible).
  • PostFinance: plugin has been extended and renamed. Users of this payment method must activate PostFinance e-Commerce in backend and enter the API access data again.

New Features

  • Theming: responsive font-sizing and spacing
  • Page Builder
    • #2042 Added gallery block to display a multitude of media files in various styles.
    • #2036 Added block to display content slider.
    • #2035 Added block to display news.
    • #1729 Added option for title and intro inline background color.
  • #1644 Graying out unavailable attribute combinations.
  • #1744 Added 'Orders' tab to the product editor to display all orders in which the product has been purchased.
  • #1735 Added a setting to open a product directly if the search term matches a SKU, MPN or GTIN.
  • #1239 Added configurability for password strength.
  • #1678 Determine initial working currency based on IP/country.
  • #1697 Added picture and color options to checkout attribute values.
  • #1788 Added setting to restrict order amount in general and for customer roles in specific.
  • #1978 Added minimum and maximum days to delivery times to show a specific delivery date.
  • #1715 Added product attributes selected by customer to RFQ and ask question message.
  • (DEV) Full localization support for properties of setting classes.
  • #2012 Added paging and sorting for bestsellers report.
  • #2014 Added paging and sorting for top customers report.
  • #2092 Added meta properties for social media sharing to category, manufacturer, news and blog pages.
  • Added option for SameSite mode property of cookies
  • #1307 Add 'apple-touch-icon' meta with all common sizes
  • #213 Allow special title and meta tags for home


  • (PERF) 10% faster page rendering speed thanks to better eager loading & caching strategies
  • #1981 Added grouping for cart rules.
  • #1407 Added menu to set order and payment status for orders checked in backend grid.
  • #1778 Back button closes offcanvas menu/cart.
  • #2069 MegaSearch: product order is applied to all categories in which a product appears.
  • #2052 When editing a product, the stock quantity is only updated if it has not changed since the page was loaded.
  • #213 Added options for special title and meta tags on home page.
  • #1977 CMS Menu Builder: added new builder types for blogs and news.
  • Search Log: added option to hide top search terms in instant search.
  • CookieManager: Admin area for user defined cookie information
  • CookieManager: More compact frontend layout for mobile devices
  • Seo optimization for News, Blog & Boards
  • (Admin) More filter options for news & blog items
  • #1901 News: Made CreatedOn configurable
  • #2078 Hidden news items should be rendered opaque if current user is in admin role.
  • #1902 Form registration clears values when switching between site languages
  • #1984 Render breadcrumb for pages that are part of the main menu.
  • #2121 Media Manager: implement direct file "replace" support.
  • #1338 Display 'PanGV' in OffCanvas cart
  • #1988 Preconnect all external resources and load them async
  • #1968 Dropzone: upload the folder structure when a folder is dropped.
  • #1996 Page Builder: Added 'Loading behaviour' option to picture block
  • #2100 Improved schema for news, blogs and products


  • Media Manager
    • The file date should be displayed in local time and not in UTC.
  • Page Builder
    • Reveal effect on story block conflicted with nested block reveal effects.
    • #2068 Fixed RTL display issues with dropdown menus and slider.
  • Export
    • An empty export file was created at the end of an export when using the batch-size option.
    • The offset option skipped one record too much.
    • The XML export of CountryOfOrigin caused an error.
  • Message template attachments were not attached to the email.
  • Shipment templates showed all products of the order instead of only those of the shipment.
  • EasyCredit: fixed "Could not convert setting 'EasyCreditSettings.LastPurchaseLimitUpdatedOn' to type 'DateTime'".
  • #2076 Attributes were not pre-selected for all associated products of a grouped product.
  • Customer tab on customer role edit page showed deleted customers.
  • #2041 Product with call for price did show as free in product list and grid view.
  • #2079 Order item editing: order total was not updated when both unit and item price were changed.
  • RSS feeds: relative URLs of objects embedded in HTML are replaced by absolute URLs.
  • Rules: automatic category assignments of products were not taken into account in a search index updates.
  • Campaign preview did not work if there are no newsletter subscribers.
  • Many alt & title attribute fixes for pictures
  • #2000 Escape toxic chars in meta attributes
  • Google Analytics: Fixed script error in conjunction with CookieManager
  • #2085 RTL: searchbar button wasn't aligned correctly
  • #2068 RTL: Fixed Page Builder slider positioning, dropdown and other alignments
  • #2019 OffCancas compare: hide horizontal scrollbar