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Smartstore 4.1.1

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@Michael-Herzog Michael-Herzog released this 25 Jan 14:07
· 108 commits to 4.x since this release

New Features

  • Page Builder
    • Added newsletter block to subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter.
  • Rule Builder: added CartItemQuantity rule to specify conditions for the quantity per cart product.
  • Added an option to display blog posts and news only for a certain language.
  • #2171 Created SEO setting for ExtraAllows.


  • WebDAVModule is removed in Web.config because it disables PUT and DELETE requests (required by Web API).
  • Newsletter subscriptions: added filter for customer roles in export profile and backend list.
  • #2167 Added an activity log for order editing.
  • Inherit ACL and store mappings into all sub-categories, not only into direct sub-categories.
  • #2186 MegaMenu: link for background image had no effect.
  • Added honeypot protection to blog post comments.


  • #2162 A plugin could not be uninstalled if it's the only one installed.
  • Sometimes no picture was displayed when navigating in the product details' image gallery.
  • Deactivated slugs were falsely always redirected without SSL.
  • Selected products could not be deleted in the backend product list.
  • Web-API: fixed "failed to serialize the response body" when uploading product images and missing product media file mapping if an equal image was found in catalog folder.
  • Categories: fixed missing cache invalidation when inheriting ACL or stores into child categories and products.
  • Link Builder: the selected media file was not applied.
  • Selecting an attribute of type date caused an error on the product detail page.
  • AmazonPay: fixed rare "client ID is a required parameter and is not set" when using the login function.
  • Various fixes for anti forgery request handling.
  • Used mediasettings value for picture rendering in MegaMenu (pictures weren't displayed in MegaMenu dropdowns).
  • Mediamanager uploads were marked as being transient.