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A CSS formatter/beautifier written in Python
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CSSReflow is a CSS formatter/beautifier. It was written to clean-up existing CSS files (useful when inheriting someone else's markup.) It's written in Python, and expected to be run from the command-line (for now.)



  --alphaprops      Alphabetizes the CSS properties. [Default: off]
  --alphaselectors  Alphabetizes the CSS selectors (potentially altering inheritence rules.) [Default: off]
  --clean           Shortcut for 2-space indent with alpha-props.
  --erik            Shortcut for flat with alphaprops, -alphaselectors, and line breaks between selector types.
  --flat            Puts declarations/rules on a single line.
  --help            Prints this Help message.
  --indent          Indent properties. [Default: on]
  --indentsize      Set the indent size. [Default: 2]
  --scan            Shortcut for silent, with warnings and errors displayed.
  --silent          Does not output the formatted text.
  --spaces          Use spaces to indent. [Default: on]
  --tabs            Use tabs to indent. [Default: off]
  --verbose         Output lots of information about the parsing process.
  --version         Print the version number of cssreflow being used.

Variable Substitution

CSSReflow 0.3 introduces basic variable substitution, allowing input CSS like this:

    @set my-background-color #06c

body {background-color: @my-background-color;}

The variable parser isn't very clever. It looks for "@set KEY VALUE" patterns to setup a dictionary of user variables, then finds all "@KEY" strings and attempts to resolve the key by looking up it's value in the dictionary. If the value isn't found, the @KEY statement will be left as-is.

If you're going to use this feature, put your @set definitions in a CSS comment. Since all comments are removed before parsing, this will also remove the @set commands from the final output.

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