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Docker machine driver of SMTX OS
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Docker Machine Driver of SMTX OS

Build Status

Create Docker machines remotely on SMTX OS. This driver requires SMTX OS 4.0 or above. Earlier versions of SMTX OS will not work with this driver.


From a release

The latest version of the driver binary is available on the GithHub Releases page. Download the the binary that corresponds to your OS into a directory residing in your $PATH.

From source

Make sure you have installed Go and configured $GOPATH properly. For MacOS and Linux, make sure $GOPATH/bin is part of your $PATH. For Windows, make sure %GOPATH%\bin is included in %PATH%.

Run the following command:

go get -u


docker-machine create -d smtxos --smtxos-server <your-smtxos-server> --smtxos-password <your-smtxos-root-password> <machine-name>


docker-machine create -d smtxos --help
CLI option Environment variable Default value Description
--smtxos-server SMTXOS_SERVER - address of SMTX OS server
--smtxos-port SMTXOS_PORT 80 port of SMTX OS server
--smtxos-username SMTXOS_USERNAME root username used to login SMTX OS
--smtxos-password SMTXOS_PASSWORD - password used to login SMTX OS
--smtxos-cpu-count SMTXOS_CPU_COUNT 2 number of CPU cores for VM
--smtxos-memory-size SMTXOS_MEMORY_SIZE 4096 size of memory for VM (in MB)
--smtxos-disk-size SMTXOS_DISK_SIZE 10240 size of disk for VM (in MB)
--smtxos-storage-policy-name SMTXOS_STORAGE_POLICY_NAME default name of storage policy of disk for VM
--smtxos-dockeros-image-path SMTXOS_DOCKEROS_IMAGE_PATH [kubernetes]/SMTX-DockerOS.raw path of DockerOS image on SMTX OS, in the format of [datastore-name]/file-path
--smtxos-network-name SMTXOS_NETWORK_NAME default network name for VM
--smtxos-ha SMTXOS_HA false whether to enable high availability for VM
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