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Change logs for SmartyStreets software and data packages.
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This repository contains curated changelogs for closed-source services and software provided by SmartyStreets. For the most part, the file structure herein mirrors that of the documentation found at

The format of the changelogs is based on Keep a Changelog.

Frequency of New Releases

We release new versions of software whenever new versions are ready, which can happen anytime. For the most part, data packages are released at least once a month, usually as we transition from one calendar month to the next since this matches the release schedule of some of our own upstream data providers (but this isn't universal). We recommend that interested clients/customers subscribe to udpates to this repository. For instance, a scheduled job could pull the latest comments and identify new releases of interest. Github also provides an Atom/RSS feed for all public repositories. The feed for this repository can be found at:

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