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LiveAddress API jQuery Plugin

Add real-time, plug-and-play, free address verification and autocomplete to your website. Powered by SmartyStreets. Drop a couple lines of code into your webpage and... voilĂ ! Instant address validation.

This plugin should be thought of as merely a framework. It is designed for only basic functionality. Just like jQuery is a framework, if you want to do something custom, you'll have to code it yourself. Fortunately, it's pretty easy (see the documentation, link below) and we have a small repository of some customizations our customers have used before that you can copy+paste into your page, then tweak for your situation.

Full documentation

Working Examples

Quick Start

  1. Be sure jQuery is brought into your page early on. If you don't already have it, something like this should do the trick: <script src="//"></script>
  2. Bring the LiveAddress API jQuery Plugin onto your page: <script src="//"></script>
  3. Initialize the plugin with an HTML key from your account and proper mapping to the address fields in your form: <script>jQuery.LiveAddress({ key: "HtmlKey", addresses: [{address1: "#street", locality: "#locality", administrative_area: "#administrativearea", postal_code: "#postalcode", country: "#country"}] });</script>

That's it! Ensure it works before using it on a live site. SmartyStreets assumes no responsibility if something goes wrong on your web page. Enable debug mode to help you find problems, and if necessary, map the fields manually. See the full documentation for details.


If you prefer a local copy via Node.js, npm install liveaddress


Test Runner File

The index.html file provided can be used as a convenient, isolated environment in which to test different scenarios. Knock yourself out! Better in testing than in production, right?


Other than maintaining production versions of this plugin and its documentation, we do not offer any further support on this script. We welcome your feedback and will consider it to improve the plugin, but this project is open source and we strongly encourage you to contribute to it. As SmartyStreets specializes in address verification and is not a programming firm, we cannot offer programming or specific implementation help.

We are happy to see customers fork the project and improve upon it, and we will gladly review any pull requests that come our way.


If you use the <script> tags we recommend here or in the documentation, you'll automatically get all updates on the minor release indicated by the URL. For example, a URL to the script with "2.2" in it means you'll always get the latest stable 2.2 version automatically.

This GitHub repository is where the plugin is being actively developed. It will have the latest "bleeding-edge" features and fixes, but also bugs. So while you can link to the raw file here on GitHub instead, it is more prone to bugs and breaking changes. It also may jump to a new minor or major version without warning, potentially breaking your implementation. Only the latest production version is actively maintained.

Bug Reports

Preferably, contribute to the project by forking or submitting a pull request, along with a description of the problem you were experiencing. This is the fastest and surest way to have a bug fixed.

The slower way to get help would be to contact us, since we'll have to be able to reproduce the error before we can fix it. If you contact us, be sure to include details such as browser, jQuery version, and a bare-bones page that clearly reproduces the behavior you're experiencing. Strip the page of all other Javascript except for what is absolutely necessary (usually just jQuery and the plugin's source code). Using a resource such as jsFiddle can be useful for reproducing bugs in their true character. You can also use the test driver file, index.html, (described above) to reproduce errors and report those to us. Or, submit a pull request with the fix and we'll review it.


These are user-contributed changes to the plugin that you may find useful. Please note that we cannot support or endorse them, but we do link to them as a courtesy since you may find them helpful.

License (GPLv3)

All source code, resources, and other contents herein are copyright (c) 2012-2016 SmartyStreets and are distributed under Version 3 of the GNU General Public License.

If you require alternative licensing to embed this code into your product, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


While the plugin provides basic address verification functionality, custom behavior will require custom Javascript code. Because SmartyStreets is an address verification company, not a team of contract programmers, we must assume that each website owner has, is, or can get a developer who is familiar with Javascript.

We encourage anyone to contribute to the project and improve upon it.

We are happy to fix bugs, so follow the instructions contained in this file to troubleshoot, then submit a proper bug report. Only the latest production version is actively maintained. Only modern browsers are supported. By using this plugin, you assume full responsibility for the behavior and functionality of your web page and agree to the other terms described in this repository and on the SmartyStreets web site.