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WazMonkey is a simple tool for testing resilience of Windows Azure cloud services.

It's modeled after Netflix's Chaos Monkey. WazMonkey chooses a role instance from your service at random and reboots it.


WazMonkey v0.2 Copyright (C) 2012 Steve Marx Usage: WazMonkey -p foo.publishSettings -n myservice -s production

-p, --publishSettings    .publishSettings file - specify either this or a
                         .pfx file

--pfx                    .pfx certificate file - specify either this or a
                         .publishSettings file

--subscriptionId         subscriptionId to use, defaults to first
                         subscription found in the .publishSettings file

-n, --serviceName        Required. Name of the cloud service

-s, --slot               Required. The slot ("production" or "staging")

--reimage                Reimage the instance (instead of reboot, the

--help                   Display this help screen.
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