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A place for developers interested in's API

How do I contribute documentation?

Great question!

  1. Fork/checkout this repo.
  2. Add your .md file in the correct place in the /docs directory
  3. Add the path to your doc file in website/sidebars.json
  4. Open a pull request with these changes and wait for approval :)

Super Quick Tips re: Docs

Here are some quick tips for your docs!

  1. Make sure to use H2's as these are used for page nav
  2. If you are linking to an external page (ie not on*) please have these open in a new tab using <a href="https://external-site.example" target="_blank">Hyperlink text</a>
  3. If you are linking to a page within, please link it as [hyperlink text](/page) instead of [hyperlink text](
  4. Try to keep your characters per line to around 80. This helps prevent merge conflicts and is generally better for version control.

For those of you using Visual Studio Code, there are two recommended extensions: