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cissp-access-mgmt-presentation Build Status


  1. Ensure the dependencies are installed:
    • on ubuntu:
    sudo apt-get install ruby-dev
    gem uninstall redcarpet
    gem install redcarpet -v 3.1.2
    gem install mdpress
    • on OS X: gem install mdpress may suffice
    • ensure you can run mdpress -h
  2. Pull down the git repo: git pull git@github.com:smaslennikov/cissp-access-mgmt-presentation.git
  3. Write up an .md file
    • examples can be found here
  4. Build your .md file
    • make all can be used to build all .md files in the repo directory
    • make open_all can be used to build all .md files and open the resulting presentations in your default browser
  5. Push your progress to git
    1. git add . in the repo directory
    2. git commit -m "Your message here", replacing the message with a commit message of your choice
    3. git push origin master
  6. Await for Travis results! Travis progress can be viewed here
  7. You can view your newly made presentation both locally and through github pages:
    1. Locally by pointing your browser to index.html in the build directory
    2. On github pages once you push to github (if you forgot to build with make all first, this won't work) here


To this many many thanks