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Getting started with a Monoprice Select v2.1

I made a terrible choice of buying on of these on amazon:

You can't know which you'll get, apparently: I got v2.1 with knurled bed adjusting rings instead of winged ones. The following are mods I've performed, gauged by necessity. AFAIK all v2s need these, not just v2.1.

Mosfet bed heater upgrade

Apparently if you don't do this, you'll fry the connectors that go to the motherboard. Use this tutorial and

and buy:

Better fan and cooler

The original fan is weak and its metal case doesn't place air everywhere you want it, I guess.

  • print one of these (you probably want the DiiiCooler_Rev3-21-V2-1_Beta3.STL but read his instructions, don't listen to me)
  • buy one of these and throw the second one away - $11.49
    • or buy them for a third of the price on aliexpress and wait a year for it to ship

Bed leveling

After unpacking and leveling the bed, stuff printed great for a while. Then, it didn't. Here's a list of fixes I implemented and what they're supposed to fix (it makes sense to do this whole section at once, as many things are at play and everything sucks):

  • a glass bed will remain level, but don't clip it on, just place it on top of a thermal pad (below). This will ensure you have a perfectly level surface - $25.99
  • just one of these pads will be enough. I removed the black surface sticker that came with the printer, you might not have to. This makes sure that your glass surface will get as much heat as possible - $7.99

Replacing the Y carriage plate

...the original of which is apparently too weak.

Follow this vaguely. You'll need:

Three point leveling

This will:

  • allow for easier leveling
  • ensure you don't bend another Y carriage plate by over-tightening opposite screws

If you got the glass above, you'll need to drill a hole for the third adjustment screw. Great. Get these:

Drill slowly, add water to lubricate. Prostrats: tape cardboard on top of the proposed hole to keep the bit in place.

Printable additions

These are nice to have:

I guess there aren't any more nice things.

Filament used

I read nonsense about how PLA+ (Premium PLA) is better and have been buying these Inland rolls almost exclusively. They've been great and cheap! Except now they're mostly gone from Amazon stock.

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