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josh was a sick dev, beating PHPs and DBs
now he's mad eng, leveraging AWS for the seven seas
nafts wasted no time at hautelook,
now he can focus on our team's outlook!
shelby previously did a space thing
here she does lots of ruby raking
holly is far away in iceland or something
it's okay, she once turned on her webcam for our meeting
william is a boss on every release
don't stop doing those, please!
broslalba has plants and drinks coffee
also has no wisdoms to eat taffy
matt likes colorful shirts and runs gentoo
i always hear his 'git is bad, boo!'
chas has opinions on things like music and beer,
also attacks dat packaging with no fear!
andrej is a croat, gives no shits
he'll fix that Amazon bill with his wits!
bryce has a pseudonym and bad credit
sings of ponytails and merlots of good merit!
isre-anna is a recent acquisition
hijacking desks and bean bags is her mission!
yet, no one here
rhymes better than beer