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Dependency resolver library for LuaDist packages.

Basic usage

-- 1. Require library
local DependencySolver = require "rocksolver.DependencySolver"

-- 2. Prepare the manifest, platform info and a list of installed packages
local manifest = load_manifest_file()
local platforms = {"unix", "linux"}
local installed = {}

-- 3. Initialize dependency resolver
local solver = DependencySolver(manifest, platforms)

-- 5. Resolve package dependencies
local packages_to_install, err = solver:resolve_dependencies("busted", installed)


This library requires a manifest table for it's usage. For proper manifest format, see the current LuaDist manifest file gist.


Part of this library is a Package class, which is a representation of a LuaDist package. Among other things, it supports comparison and equality operations.