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Graphical experiment builder for the social sciences
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examples Properly deprecate keyboard.to_chr()
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help Further work on GUI extension framework
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libqtopensesame Improve drag-and-drop behavior
openexp psycho: Explicitly set winType to pyglet (closes #331)
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plugins Fix libsrbox example in docstrings
resources Update translatables
sounds Added sound files and updated readme
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opensesamerun Remove extraneous print statements introduced with #b347082
qt.conf Changes to work with py2app Update copyright notices for 2015 Update android setup script Minor additions to Fix minor typo in Windows setup script Fix typo in Include quest plug-ins in packaging


A graphical experiment builder for the social sciences

Copyright, 2010-2015, Sebastiaan Mathôt and contributors.


OpenSesame is a graphical experiment builder. OpenSesame provides an easy to use, point-and-click interface for creating psychological/ neuroscientific experiments.


Mathôt, S., Schreij, D., & Theeuwes, J. (2012). OpenSesame: An open-source, graphical experiment builder for the social sciences. Behavior Research Methods, 44(2), 314-324. doi:10.3758/s13428-011-0168-7


If you wish to contribute to OpenSesame (and you are welcome to!), please visit:


OpenSesame is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License 3. The full license should be included in the file COPYING, or can be obtained from:

OpenSesame contains works of others. For the full license information, please refer to debian/copyright.


Installation instructions and documentation are available on the documentation website ...

... which is itself also hosted on GitHub:

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