Contains experimental data and scripts for published manuscripts
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Mathot Hickey Theeuwes (2010 AP&P)
Mathot Theeuwes (2010 EBR)
Mathot Theeuwes (2010 Psych Sci)
Mathot Theeuwes (2012 JEMR)
Mathot Theeuwes (2013 Sci Rep)
Mathot et al (2013 PLoS ONE)
Mathot et al (in prep)

Data repository

Copyright 2010-2014 Sebastiaan Mathôt




This repository contains participant data and experimental scripts for the experiments described in a number manuscripts. The data is organized in sub folders by manuscript. Each folder contains information specific to that data. If you require additional information, or more details, please contact me.

Related repositories

Much of the newer data is hosted in individual repositories:


Unless otherwise specified: