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#-*- coding:utf-8 -*-
No rights reserved. All files in this repository are released into the public
from libopensesame.py3compat import *
from libopensesame import debug
from libqtopensesame.extensions import base_extension
class example_extension(base_extension):
An example_extension extension that lists all available events.
def activate(self):
Is called when the extension is activated through the menu/ toolbar
debug.msg(u'example_extension extension activated')
# Below is a list of event handlers, which you can implement to have your
# extension react to specific events.
def event_startup(self):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: startup')
def event_prepare_regenerate(self):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: prepare_regenerate')
def event_regenerate(self):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: regenerate')
def event_run_experiment(self, fullscreen):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: run_experiment(fullscreen=%s)' % fullscreen)
def event_end_experiment(self, ret_val):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: end_experiment')
def event_save_experiment(self, path):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: save_experiment(path=%s)' % path)
def event_open_experiment(self, path):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: open_experiment(path=%s)' % path)
def event_close(self):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: close')
def event_prepare_rename_item(self, from_name, to_name):
u'Event fired: prepare_rename_item(from_name=%s, to_name=%s)' \
% (from_name, to_name))
def event_rename_item(self, from_name, to_name):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: rename_item(from_name=%s, to_name=%s)' \
% (from_name, to_name))
def event_new_item(self, name, _type):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: new_item(name=%s, _type=%s)' % (name, _type))
def event_change_item(self, name):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: change_item(name=%s)' % name)
def event_prepare_change_experiment(self):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: prepare_change_experiment')
def event_change_experiment(self):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: change_experiment')
def event_prepare_delete_item(self, name):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: prepare_delete_item(name=%s)' % name)
def event_delete_item(self, name):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: delete_item(name=%s)' % name)
def event_prepare_purge_unused_items(self):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: prepare_purge_unused_items')
def event_purge_unused_items(self):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: purge_unused_items')
def event_process_data_files(self, data_files):
debug.msg(u'Event fired: process_data_files')