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  Name:         Zeta Dva
  Description:  Amateur level chess engine
  Author:       Srdja Matovic <>
  Created at:   2011-01-15
  Updated at:   2019
  License:      GPL >= v2

  Copyright (C) 2011-2019 Srdja Matovic

### Binaries ###
Linux 64 bit and Windows 32/64 bit binaries are placed in bin folder, they were
build with the gcc resp. mingw compiler. Linux binary was tested with Xboard and
Cutechess. Windows 64 bit binary was tested on Windows 7 64 bit with Arena and 
Winboard. Had no chance to test the Windows 32 bit executeable.

### Play ### 
To play against the engine use an CECP v2 protocol capable chess GUI like Arena,
Cutechess, Winboard or Xboard.

Alternatively you can use Xboard commmands directly on commmand Line,
new            // init new game from start position
level 40 4 0   // set time control to 40 moves in 4 minutes
go             // let engine play site to move
usermove d7d5  // let engine apply usermove in coordinate algebraic
               // notation and optionally start thinking

Not supported Xboard commands:
analyze        // enter analyze mode
?              // move now
draw           // handle draw offers
hard/easy      // turn on/off pondering
hint           // give user a hint move
bk             // book Lines

Non-Xboard commands:
perft          // perform a performance test, depth set by sd command
selftest       // run an internal test
help           // print usage info
log            // turn log on

### Compile from Source ###
The source code and a Linux Makefile are placed in src folder.

### Code Origins ###
- Kogge-Stone move generator based on work by Steffan Westcott,
- Polyglot probing code by Michel Van den Bergh,
- Quad-Bitboard idea by Gerd Isenberg,
- Simplified Evaluation function by Tomasz Michniewski,

### Opening Book ###
The delivered opening book is by Dann Corbit and is placed in the doc folder.
Zeta supports Polyglot .bin books, just name the file "book.bin" and put it in
the same directory like the engine.

### Epd files in docs folder ###
STS, Strategic Test Suite by Swaminathan N and Dann Corbit, 
modified with can notation by Ferdinand Mosca:
Kaufmann Test by Larry Kaufmann:
Perft positions and results from Chess Programming Wiki: