python API for talking to nest thermostat
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pynest -- a python interface for the Nest Thermostat by Scott M Baker,,

Usage: ' help' will tell you what to do and how to do it

Example: ' --user --password swordfish temp 73' set the temperature to 73 degrees

' --user --password swordfish fan auto'
     set the fan to automatic

Installation: 'python ./ install' will install to the right place, usually your /usr/bin directory.

Licensing: This is distributed unider the Creative Commons 3.0 Non-commecrial, Attribution, Share-Alike license. You can use the code for noncommercial purposes. You may NOT sell it. If you do use it, then you must make an attribution to me (i.e. Include my name and thank me for the hours I spent on this)

Acknowledgements: Chris Burris's Siri Nest Proxy was very helpful to learn the nest's authentication and some bits of the protocol.